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Our Paraffin Wax 58/60 can used in may professional fieds,such as:Hot-Melt adhesive, plastic pipe ,controlled release of fertilizer…etc… ITEMS STANDARD TEST METHOD APPERANCE WHITE MELTING POINT,°C 58-60 GB/T 2539 OIL CONTENT,%(m/m) <0.8 GB/T 3554 COLOR SAYBOLT NO ≥+22 GB/T 3555 LIGHT STABILITY ≤5 SH/T 0404 PENETRATION(100g,25°C),1/10mm ≤17 GB/T 4985 ORDOR NO. ≤2 SH/T 0414 WATER SOLUBLE ACID & ALKALY N/A SH/T 0407 MECHANICAL IMPURITY IN WATER N/A Q/SYDL6045 VISCOSITY (100°C) mm2/s 5.6 GB/265 Semi Refined Paraffin Wax can be used in candle making, high-frequency porcelain, carbon paper, stylus stencil, precision casting, decorative acoustic board and other products. Fully Refined Paraffin Wax is usually used as telecommunications equipment and short-circuit and light industry, chemical raw materials. In order to meet multifarious demands of the clients, we have made the introduced array available in different specifications. We can send you samples of paraffin wax; both semi and fully refined free of charge to enable you test all grades and melting points; 54 56 58 60 62 64 66 68 70 72 74. You can easily get this Semi Refined Paraffin Wax from us at competitive prices.

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