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CAS No.:
Place of Origin:
Ulsan, South Korea
Brand Name:
Micro Crystalline Wax
Model Number:

Micro wax consists of a lot of N-paraffinic, some of iso-paraffinic, naphthenic and aromatic hydrocarbons, with 31-50 carbon numbers. Molecular weights of commercial microcrystalline wax is 450-700. It is a light yellow crystallization and has higher melting point and viscosity than paraffin wax

1. Product Specification
Test Item Test Method DNW-160S
 Melting Point    ASTM D 127 65.5 – 76.6
 Oil Content    ASTM D 721 Max. 10
 Penetration (25)    ASTM D 1321 Max. 100
 Flash Point (COC)    ASTM D 92 Min.200
 Viscosity (CST) 100sec    ASTM D 445 7 – 15
 Saybolt Color    ASTM D 1500 Max. 1
 Specific Gravity (15/4)    ASTM D 1298 0.82 – 0.84

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