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Supply China High Gaa Products Green Oxidation Glycol Glacial ... 1.Characters: CAS NO: 64-19-7 Molecular Formula: C2H4O2 Molecular Weight: 60.05 Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid, with irritating   2.Specification:

Technical Grade

high-class First-class Qualified
Glacial Acetic Acid,% 99.8min 99.5min 98.5min
Color 10 max 20max 30max
Formic acid content ,% 0.15max 0.20max
Acetaldehyde content, % 0.03max 0.05max 0.10max
Formaldehyde content ,% 0.05max 0.10max 0.30max
Residue on evaporation, % 0.01max 0.02max 0.03max
Iron(fe) ,% 0.000 04max 0.000 2max 0.000 4max
  3. Usage of Glacial Acetic Acid 1. The commonly used analytical reagent, widely used in neutral or acidification.Also used in dissolved phosphorus, sulfur, hydrogen halogen acid, etc.2. The analytical reagent.Common solvents and nonaqueous titration.Used in the manufacture of acetic acid salt, cellulose acetate, medicine, pigment, esters, plastic, spices, etc. 3. PH regulator.Can be used for the preparation of ethyl acetate, the preparation of fiber, paint, adhesives, such as copolymerization resin, the preparation of acetic anhydride, chloroacetic acid, glycolic acid pickling and industry.

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