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March 25, 2018 0 Comments business , consulting

What is Manufacturing and Processing Consulting?

Manufacturing and processing consulting helps companies like yours to optimize system efficiency, throughput, reliability and minimize waste throughout the manufacturing process. The production phase focuses on creating the appropriate infrastructure in preparation for higher volume production. From finding raw materials to creating QC specifications, there are several reasons why you need manufacturing consultation. PICO Rwanda Limited consultant can provide solutions, training, and implement action items during the production phase of your product development process. Cost, quality, and delivery are constant challenges facing every manufacturer. Through PICO Rwanda Limited, you can help you find long-term solutions that improve processes.


How does manufacturing consultation work?

For companies who have completed the design phase and are ready to start production, PICO Rwanda Limited can assist in establishing all the necessary infrastructure and vendor channels. This includes activities as follows:

  • Identify raw materials vendor
  • Identify best vendors to manufacture components
  • Identify vendor for assembly / test (if applicable)
  • Create Quality Control specifications for the various components/assembly
  • Identify warehousing and distribution centers.

PICO Rwanda can collaborate with the client’s internal team and leverage their own resources for additional added value, such as manufacturing, packaging and business. The goal is to ensure strategy and tactical implementation, together, and deliver success. The goal is long-term success.


PICO Rwanda Limited can also assist with manufacturing strategy and lean product development for additional efficiencies. In many cases, PICO Rwanda Limited may be brought on board simply to validate the processes a company’s team has already put in place, and the resources they’ve already chosen.


PICO Rwanda Limited can provide growth strategies, help with in-house training if needed as part of a long-term solution, implement lean operations, and optimize your supply chain. The benefit of PICO Rwanda Limited is that they can step in for any or all of these steps to be the ideal partner for your organization.

We deliver a range of advisory services to manufacturing and processing businesses at various stages of their development. Below are some of the ways we support manufacturing and processing companies. Besides businesses, we also support donors and investors in their energy sector activities

Business consulting: PICO Rwanda Limited provide strategic consulting, business advisory and incubation support to relatively early-stage manufacturing and processing businesses. The key to these services is the feedback we provide on the client’s business model, its operations and growth plan. A client receiving business consulting is also likely to be a candidate for grant support, capital raising or partnership development. We can also provide a customised project service, tailored to the needs of the business.

Project development: PICO Rwanda Limited  advise manufacturing and processing bussinesses on aspects specific to developing an infrastructure project. This may include feedback on commercial arrangements, advice on operations and technical support.

Capital raising: PICO Rwanda Limited  help manufacturing and processing  clients prepare for the process of raising capital, from the initial pitch to due diligence and financial close. Capital raising involves investment readiness assessment, feedback on investor materials, selection of relevant financers, introductions and advice throughout the process.

Partnership support: PICO Rwanda Limited  work with manufacturing and processing clients to develop manufacturing and processing partnerships. These clients may be early or later stage, and may or may not be new actors in the region. A large focus is placed not only on identification of manufacturing and processing partners, but also on working with the client to ensure a partnership is consummated and has the highest probability for success.

Customised projects: These are typically conducted with manufacturing and processing clients who are later-stage and do not require the sort of general advice involved in business consulting projects. They need specialised sector knowledge to help them grow, often when they are scaling up or entering new markets or geographies, or when they need help refining their product or service offering.

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